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“Information Technology enabled Homoeopathic Practice”.


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Homoeopathy has been gaining importance in today’s world of alternative medicine and it is the one of the most sought out and the safest alternative modes of treatment.


Homoeopathy is looked at as the holistic and safe medicine of the present as well as the future. 


Another rapidly growing industry today is the well-known IT industry.


The advent of IT has provided a bright new star also on the Homoeopathic Horizon.


The technology provided by IT has revolutionized the concept and practice of Homoeopathy.


There are immense benefits that can be gained from the technology provided by the IT industry not only a homoeopath but also by any other medical practitioner or even a specialist.


Let us explore the world of Homoeopathy and understand how IT has made the journey of a Homoeopath as a practitioner, teacher and a research worker so effortless and fabulously successful….


I was called for an emergency case of a lying–in patient who had delivered a baby and having convulsions there after and bleeding profusely. I had to rush to the hospital. I took my laptop along with this new software that I had just purchased….   



…. And, then there was this software, which stood there as my guide and miraculously offered me solutions to all my problems…..


On observation, I found bloody foam dribbling from the mouth of the patient. The lady had convulsions and was throwing off her coverings.


Instead of panicking, I opened my laptop and in the query box, I started typing my observations which were:


Convulsions delivery after


Clothing, intolerance of

Hemorrhage tendency


Mouth bloody foam


In a matter of seconds, the software repertorised the case for me with these rubrics:







While examining the patient, I found that she had a very rapid pulse.

Also, her husband was very worried about her condition and told me that before she started getting the fits, she kept saying that she was seeing ghosts in the room and was dreaming of death. She would not let him go out of the room for a moment because when she was alone, she was thinking that she would die. After this thought, she used to complain of a kind of anxiety in the chest region.


These symptoms made me type the following:


Anxiety, heart, region of

Death, thoughts alone     

Delusions, ghosts

Dreams, death






Lachesis was the leading remedy that came on repertorisation. But, since we had very little time on our hands and it was a do or die kind of situation, I wanted to consider a remedy that covered the totality.


And guess what, a remedy that I would have probably never considered came up…


Can you guess the remedy that made this patient recover in almost no time???  


This rare remedy was CROTALLUS CASCAVELLA








..And thanks to this Facility provided by IT, we could see amazing results for a case that would have probably never recovered.


The softwares provided by the IT industry to Homoeopathy incorporates hundreds of books and thousands of  pages of valuable information from a variety of subjects authored by the masters themselves.


And these are coupled with the most practical, user-friendly and up to date features to not only satisfy the Homoeopathic fraternity who are serving patients at the clinic, but also those who are spreading this unique science by conducting seminars and doing research work.  



A doctor can also study all the subjects of Medicine through the computers in a more easy and comprehensive manner:


For eg. In Anatomy, computers allow a student of medicine to understand the human body  and the skeleton with its 3-dimensional effects.


There are many specialized software programmes now available on subjects such as






      Dentistry,  etc.


      ….that provide superior and exclusive patient management facilitating his working further.


     To enhance our perception of remedies and give us new insights, we can open  

     any book from Materia Medica, Organon or any other section.


     In his free time, he can read the various books to enhance his knowledge on common, uncommon and rare provided  in softwares.


      The softwares in Homoeopathy, bear the promise of taking every student,     

      practitioner and teacher on the entire tour of the world of Homoeopathy which not only include all the above features but also incorporate thousands of articles from various journals so that it is easier for the homoeopathic fraternity to keep in touch with the Global Homoeopathic world.


Thanks to the unique and unmatched features that the softwares provide for all ….the  

 homoeopathic physician can now have an  access to all the extensive, exhaustive data on    remedies, prophylaxis, word meanings, cross references, themes, etc.


A Classical Homoeopath can now prescribe a remedy after evaluating and analysing the  symptoms according to their importance and also after resorting to the true and time tested Expert systems provided by their Masters.


Softwares provide the physician with a Personal research tool to study and analyse their cases in depth and thus have his own Comprehensive and complete patient analysis system with Graphs.


Softwares allow space management in small clinics since all the case records and reference books can now be stored in a single computer. 


A practitioner can now communicate with all his patients abroad and thus be well informed about their condition and can offer consultation on the net and thus improve his practice.


He can become a member of various institutions through the net and can learn about the latest medical developments and research through the net.


He can put up his lectures or notes on the net and thus, impart his knowledge to the entire Homoeopathic Fraternity.



Through the Net conferencing facility now available, he can communicate with other teachers world wide and share his knowledge and cases with them.


In case of complicated cases, he can chat with his colleagues in the same field or for that matter, even contact masters overseas and seek a solution.


As a matter of fact, he can even author his own books using facilities such as Pagemaker.


He can use the information provided to create custom made Materia Medica and design his Paper presentations and projects.


He can add life to his presentations on subjects such as Miasms and create evolutions on slides of the miasms such as Psoric and Tubercular miasms using the simple design software such as Power point  provided by the IT industry. 


He can highlight any important aspect of his lecture or points that he wants to lay emphasis on using the Magnifying glass.


      Not only that, a magnifying glass proves as an excellent practical aid for a physician   who feels handicapped while reading any book due to weak eyesight. 


Through tools such as Multimedia, excellent software such as MM live are created through which 21 remedies come alive. 


Thanks to the Pack and Go facility now available, a teacher can effortlessly carry all his cases and self–sufficiently give a presentation anywhere in the world without having any Homoeopathic programmes installed on it.


Through IT, a practitioner can have a ‘Patient Management system’ at his fingertips to store and update all the information about the patient, right from 

Ø      His Personal Info

Ø      His case record

Ø      Media files

Ø      Personal instructions

Ø      Prescription

            …..and much more in an efficient and friendly way.


He could have his own track record of :

• Bills

• Certificates

• Expenses

• Reports



The newer technologies promise to allow a case to be taken in the patient’s very mother tongue and also translate them in the desired language.


With all the above benefits and much more to offer, the advent of IT has provided a bright new star on the Homoeopathic Horizon.


The technology provided by IT has revolutionized the concept and practice of Homoeopathy.


Dr. J. SHAH, M.D., D.Ph. - INDIA